Sahba Sad (she/they) is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, chef and writer exploring themes of familial histories and esoterica through a wide range of mediums including edible installations video and performance.

Sahba uses food, edible arrengments, dining experience and performance to narrate the histories (and futurities) of middle eastern womens lives. Her work is currently especially focused on cross comparing regionally themes of gastronomy, gender, follk theatre, enviormental access and religion. 

UNdisciplinary artist

b. 1996 Zanjan, Iran 

currently Vancouver, Canada


2021 Associate Degree in Communication Studies, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


2022 a_EYE_installing…68%, group show, James Black Gallery

2021 Arezoo, group show, James Black Gallery

2021 Off Script, group show, ICEBOX Gallery


2022 cont.rolls.panel, yeasted dough, baked dough and mixed media, a_EYE_installing…68%, James Black Gallery

2021 Adat:set, authentic furniture, paper and projection, Arezoo, group show, James Black Gallery

2020 Of Thread and Blood, calligraphy on paper and yarn, Burning House Press, TALISMAN // CHANNELING THE OUTSIDE, Curated by Atefeh Ahmadi

2020 Alone with Flowers:set, mixed media and projection, Rosva Magazine live online performances


2022 Sabzi Bazi, Peanut Gallery x Contemporary Art Gallery

2021 Adat, James Black Gallery


2022 Dolma Tree


2022 brick blue BRICK book

2022 art_official_intelligence_?

2022 Pickle Pride

2021 Adat

2021 PDF009 : Dear Shadow My Darling

2021 ZO20

2021 Rosva Nowrooz Special 

2020 Language of Flowers


2021 Azeri in the middle, Meyxana over Brahms, MIND MEDITATIONS, Noods Radio

2021 Auditory Adat


2021 DOGplex (interactive fiction)

2021 Crazies Love Yellow, Rosva Magazine x Docunight (essay)

2021 CYOA (interactive fiction)

2020 Zoroastrian Magic Series, Rosva Magazine (research series)


2022 FilmFood Mentorship Program, IGNITE! Youth Festival

2022 POD group Residency, JBG 

2021 WEDGE Residency, CAG x Groundfloor Art Gallery